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Our founder, Rodney Milner started the company over 30 years ago recognizing a need integrators had in outsourcing labor resources. Rodney, now retired, has passed the torch on to his son and daughter Matt Milner and Lindsey Hawk. The “family”, once literal, has become the culture for the entire company.
When you join the RPM Family, you’ve become a part of a much bigger picture, where your voice is heard, and a rewarding career path awaits. RPM doesn’t make short-term hires, we expect all new hires to have a long term home here.
Fit for a Family
  • Integrity – Doing the right thing when no one is watching.  This code of conduct is essential for success at RPM.

  • Accountability – Owning your work even when you make mistakes and just as important, fixing them too.  Taking pride in your work product will be important in the RPM Family.

  • Service – Being humble and having a service attitude is probably the most impactful trait to long term success at RPM.  Attitude is everything in that it affects everything you do.  Having a positive attitude enables you to bring solutions to the table instead of complaints.

  • Flexibility – Traveling for work and working overtime are an integral part of our industry.  Going where we need you when asked says a lot about your commitment to success at RPM.

  • Family – Being a good member of the family means desiring  the success of your co-workers.  It means being willing to lead the way and mentor others with what you’ve learned and what you’re good at.  Family defines the culture at RPM.

  • Drive – Growth in knowledge and skill is the only way to move forward.  RPM only wants candidates who are interested in what we do, being passionate about the work, always learning, training, and motivated to reach the next level.

Not a good fit
  • Ego – If you’d rather be right than successful, you’ll feel like you’re swimming upstream at RPM.

  • Passivity – RPM requires self-motivated candidates to apply.  This doesn’t mean you won’t receive training or mentorship, it just means we can’t make you want to learn.  You have to desire that on your own, you won’t succeed being passive.

  • A Loner – If you prefer working alone to working as a team, then this isn’t the opportunity for you. We work as a team, but more importantly as a family.

  • A Short-Termer – RPM only hires people with a long-term intent, we provide growth paths for all employees to provide a long-term home.

  • Toxicity – If you tend to focus on the negative, it stifles open communication.  The “bad apple” analogy is true, negativity spreads ten times faster than positivity.  A positive attitude is essential for working at RPM.

  • Thin Skin – We work in a lot of various environments, from dirty construction sites to Fortune 500 boardrooms, if you can’t hold your tongue and let petty things roll off your back, this isn’t the job for you.

Life in the Family

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