Technical Innovation needed additional resources integrating several systems for Wellstar.  RPM provided complete field installation, DSP code, and field engineering / system commissioning to keep projects on schedule.

Elite Multimedia / Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN

Elite Multimedia had a unique opportunity to install the very first convex shaped video wall (one which wraps around on outward curving wall).  Elite asked RPM to install the first-ever wall and support systems, which included control system and DSP programming and commissioning.


Comcast had a problem with their user interfaces for their conference rooms: No one wanted to use them.  Users were intimidated by the current design and wanted to avoid operating the system.  Automated System Design (ASD) approached RPM’s programming department with the task of designing a new user interface that the users would feel confident operating.  RPM met with Comcast to analyze the actual problems with the old design, and created a new design that incorporated a 3D rendering of the room, along with automated features that did not require the use of the control system at all.  Just plug in a laptop and the system will automatically turn on and properly display the image.

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